Party Videography

Do you have a party coming up that you’d like filmed? If so, drop me a message with the details for a unique quote.


Amateur Footage Editing – £200 for DVD, £220 for DVD/USB combo.

Have you had your wedding filmed by a family member or friend, or do you have LOADS of camera phone footage or photos that you’d like to have put together and have it all professionally edited? Send me everything you’ve got and I will turn it into a lovely keepsake of your special day.


Photo Slideshow – £125 for DVD, #150 for DVD/USB combo.

Would you like your wedding photos turned into a slideshow and set to your favourite music? Send me your images and I can do just that.

Loved & Lost portraits – £30 if booked for videography, £50 if not.

If you have a relative that has passed away that you would have loved to have had at your wedding, I can draw a one of a kind portrait, to be framed and placed where everyone can see it at your wedding. A lovely keepsake for you to remember those loved ones.